What we Read this Week

What does the Future hold for the social media giant?

While there has been a notable exodus of Facebook users and marketers, the major blow is coming from forward-thinking investors. There is no certainty if the platform will go the way of MySpace or be able to pull off a miraculous comeback. You can be certain we’re all ears when it comes to this issue. See what our friends at Forbes are saying.


Turns Out Print Isn’t Dead

Granted it may not be in it’s prime, but it seems that there is still a larger than expected following for the nostalgic ink on paper feel. While we haven’t actually held a magazine in a while, we hope they still offer those peel and smell perfume ads…

Find out more, and follow, a great marketer at https://community.cengage.com/t5/Marketing-Blog/Believing-in-Magazines/ba-p/6618.

How Bitcoin is changing the world… and not the way you think

If you don’t know about Bitcoin you’re living under a rock, but what you may not know is how the technology behind the cryptocurrency phenomenon is bringing innovation to other industries. From environmental concerns to education blockchain technology seems to be the future of connectivity.